FHWA Notice – CRCP

PDF courtesy of the American Concrete Pavement Association’s (ACPA’s) technical resources archives.

This notice supersedes the Circular Memorandum from Mr. G. M. Williams dated November 20, 1959, and memorandum from Mr. M. F. Maloney to Regional Federal Highway Administrators dated June 29, 1972, subject: “Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement.” Performance information acquired to date indicates that much of the design criteria noted in the original 1959 memorandum remains applicable, however, changes in construction techniques and a better understanding of the factors affecting the performance of CRC pavements have resulted in the need to update several of the original design concepts.

In June of 1973 in-place CRC pavements totaled over 11,000 two-lane miles in 33 States. The majority of these pavements are performing as originally anticipated, however, in some cases premature distress has occurred. The cause of early distress has usually been traced either to construction practices which resulted in a pavement which did not meet the design requirements, to a subbase of inferior quality, or to a combination of undesirable features.