CRCP Design and Construction Guidelines

CRCPDCGuidelinesContinuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP) were introduced in 1921 when the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads built a CRCP section on the Columbia Pike near Arlington, Virginia. Since then CRCP has become standard construction practice in several States, including Illinois, Texas, and Oregon. Many European countries, Japan, and Australia also construct CRCP.

During the 70-plus years that CRCP has been common practice, various lessons learned through research and practical experience have contributed to improved design methods, materials selection, and construction practices. Today CRCP can be designed and constructed consistently and reliably to provide superior long-term performance with very low maintenance.

This manual provides information about current practices for designing and constructing CRCP. The information has been collected and synthesized from formal research results and from the most knowledgeable technical experts and practitioners in the country. The manual focuses on characteristics and practices unique to CRCP, including general information about concrete pavement design, materials, and construction when necessary to provide context.

Authors: Robert Otto Rasmussen, PhD, INCE, PE, Richard Rogers, PE, and Theodore R. Ferragut, PE