Les Giratoires en Béton (Roundabouts in Concrete)

CRCP Roundabouts in BelgiumNote: Document is in French and the below abstract was translated using Google Translate.

In Belgium, as in many European countries, crossroads management is becoming usually organized by priority roundabouts, safer and more fluid. If traffic heavy and dense, the coatings are especially in demand there, both by the forces resulting from the centrifugal force by overloading provided by the outside wheels following the spill Side vehicles. The consequences of these solicitations are: a rutting coatings Tar, a slip running surface, a tearing of the surface aggregates, if not, a default crazing lift of pavement to the right wheel arches Foreign vehicles.

Given these findings, the choice of a concrete lining is fully justified. The construction roundabouts may be considered concrete slabs (not armed) or continuously reinforced concrete. This bulletin presents the peculiarities of design and implementation of a roundabout and concrete especially continuously reinforced concrete. The first roundabouts continuously reinforced concrete were built in Belgium in 1995 and they still have a very good behavior. Since, many roundabouts continuously reinforced concrete were built in Belgium and abroad, particularly in France and the Netherlands. So this is a proven technique and deserves to be applied on a larger scale.