I-65/70 South Split CRC Pavement Replacement Project, Why CRC?

I-65-70 South Split CRC Pavement Replacement Project Why CRCContinuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) is constructed with reinforcing steel placed in along the entire length of the pavement. CRCP forms tight transverse cracks to evenly transfer loads without the need of contraction joints. The result is a continuous, smooth-riding pavement surface capable of accommodating heavy traffic loads in a severe environmental condition. First constructed in Indiana more than 75 years ago on US-50, CRCP became popular with the construction of the Interstate Highway system in the 1960s and 1970s. Many sections of interstate and non-interstate highways constructed at that time are still in service today, having outperformed their original design-life predictions. After more than 30 years’ absence from Indiana pavement construction, the CRCP is making a successful comeback in the interstate pavement. This presentation will discuss the design principle and construction of the newest CRCP pavement in Indiana on I-65 South Split.

Presented at the Purdue Road School 2014.

Presenters: David Holtz and Lisa Egler-Kellems