Guide to Concrete Overlays (ACPA TB021.03P)

Overlays_3rd_editionThe primary goal of this guide is to fill the knowledge gap about concrete overlays so that pavement owners can confidently include concrete overlays in their toolbox of pavement solutions and make more informed decisions about designing and constructing them. Another goal is to help owner agencies understand and appreciate the versatility of concrete overlay solutions. This is not a complete step-by-step manual, nor does it provide prescriptive formulae or specifications for designing and constructing concrete overlays. Rather, as the title suggests, this booklet provides expert guidance that can supplement practitioners’ own professional experience and judgment. In particular, since the 2nd edition was published, this edition enhances original material with updated information on the following topics:

  • Evaluating existing pavements to determine if they are good candidates for concrete overlays
  • Selecting the appropriate overlay system for specific pavement conditions
  • Managing concrete overlay construction work zones under traffic
  • Accelerating construction of concrete overlays when appropriate

Authors: Dale Harrington and Gary Fick