Criteria for Use of Concrete Pavement Contraction Design

TxDOT 2014 CriteriaIn our [TxDOT’s] continued effort to implement the most cost-effective concrete pavement solutions available, we are expanding the applications where a Concrete Pavement Contraction Design (CPCD) can be used as an acceptable alternative to a Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP). The following criterion lists the applications where CPCD can be used instead of CRCP at the discretion of the District Engineer.

  • For roadways with design traffic of 40 million Equivalent Single Axle Loads or less
  • For frontage roads where CRCP is difficult to construct due to numerous leave-out sections
  • For roadways controlled and maintained by another government entity
  • For parking areas or roadways with crosswalks, adjacent parking, or sidewalks
  • For railroad crossings, approaches to structures or to widen existing jointed pavement
  • For intersections and approaches in flexible pavement roadways that are associated with vehicle braking and acceleration which could cause shoving and rutting of an asphalt pavement