Designing Intersections

See FHWA’s CRCP Design and Construction Guidelines for the references included in this page. A new, more comprehensive FHWA CRCP Design, Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation manual is currently under development and this page will be updated upon its release in the spring of 2016.

Intersections present a unique challenge for CRCP design as maintaining continuity of reinforcement in both directions through the intersection may be required if two CRCP pavements are intersecting. A recent TxDOT research report documents best practices for design and construction of CRCP in transition areas, including intersections.(67) The report provides design details used by TxDOT for maintaining reinforcement continuity in both directions through an intersection.

Note that the longitudinal reinforcement for the pavement in one direction provides the transverse reinforcement for the pavement in the other direction and vice-versa. The report also provides design details for isolating intersecting CRCP when maintaining reinforcement continuity in only one direction is necessary, as well as intersection details for CRCP intersecting non-CRCPs.