CRCP Overlay Construction

CRCP has been effective as an overlay for deteriorated composite, rigid, and flexible pavements. CRCP overlays have also been effective over pavements in good condition for the purpose of adding capacity or structure when traffic loads are heavier than expected. Only in cases where separation layers or overlay thicknesses were inadequate (e.g., less than 7 in. (178 mm)) did CRCP overlays not perform well.

CRCP overlays are similar to new CRCP in terms of mechanical behavior and primary distress (e.g., wide cracks and punchouts). Generally, all concrete and reinforcement construction guidelines provided on this site for new CRCP apply to CRCP overlays. CRCP overlays are designed and constructed as bonded or unbonded overlays depending on the existing pavement type and condition.

Additional guidance for CRCP Overlays can be found in the Guide to Concrete Overlays developed by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center). Additional reference include ACPA’s National Overlay Explorer and ACI’s Concrete Overlays for Pavement Rehabilitation (ACI 325.13R-06).