Seamless Transitions

See FHWA’s CRCP Design and Construction Guidelines for the references included in this page. A new, more comprehensive FHWA CRCP Design, Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation manual is currently under development and this page will be updated upon its release in the spring of 2016.

The seamless CRCP-to-structure transition is an enhancement that eliminates the need for transverse joints by connecting CRCP longitudinal steel directly into bridge deck reinforcement. This creates continuous reinforcement through the CRCP, the transition zone between the CRCP and bridge deck, and through the bridge deck itself.

The concept is similar to the process being used to reduce the number of joints in bridge decks through the use of link slabs at internal piers and has the following advantages: reduced maintenance, improved smoothness, simplified construction and cost savings (see Figure 61).(121) Although only used on a limited basis thus far in Australia, Europe, and Texas it has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency CRCP construction and performance of CRCP at bridge transitions.